Repour Bottle Stopper on Wine Bottle
Repour Bottle Stopper Pack of 1 and 4
Repour Bottle Stopper 4-Pack
Repour Bottle Stopper Pack of 1
Repour Bottle Stopper
Repour Bottle Stopper

Repour Bottle Stopper

Keeping wine fresh couldn’t be easier

Protect your best wines from oxidative degradation and enjoy unchanged aroma for days, weeks or even months.

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Savour the flavour for longer

The Repour Bottle Stopper is the perfect complement to your wine temperer. Its oxygen-absorbing material protects your wine from harmful oxygen and keeps it fresh for longer. Whether until the next day, a week or even months.

The Repour is simply placed on the open bottle. No aids are necessary, the protection starts immediately. 100% of the oxygen is absorbed. This sets it apart from the competition and makes it unique.

Product details

Dimensions 15.24 x 6.1 x 3.56cm x
Weight ‎104 g x
Material 100% recycleable plastic x
Application A bottle stopper can only be used for one bottle of wine x