Both LEDs in the charger are glowing red
If you do not disconnect the battery from the charger after charging is complete, the battery automatically goes into sleep mode. The charger can then no longer detect the battery and the red LEDs go on. However, the battery is, in fact, fully charged and ready for use. Please disconnect the battery from the charger and operate the wine cooler as you normally would. If the problem persists, please contact us by using the contact form.

Attention: Please charge the battery fully before first use.
The lid of the Premier doesn’t close or open properly. 
The lid is opened and closed via a push-up pin, which can be adjusted by turning it in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

If you are unable to close the lid properly, this is because the push-up pin is too high. Turn the pin in a clockwise direction until the lid can be closed.

If you are unable to open the lid, place the Premier on a firm surface. Carefully turn the cooler upside down and shake it gently until the lid releases. Then place the cooler back on its feet and turn the push-up pin in an anti-clockwise direction, so that it sticks out a little higher and the lid can be opened easily.
The cooler is not cooling properly
If your cooler is no longer cooling properly, it is possible that the Peltier element is damaged and will need to be repaired. However, you can take some preventive measures, so that such damage does not occur in the first place.

Take extra care when inserting the bottle into the cooling chamber. Do not drop the bottle into the chamber. The Peltier element, which is responsible for the cooling function, is located at the bottom of the cooling chamber. It is made of thin ceramic and can be damaged by shaking or hard impact.  
The battery does not lock into place in the battery compartment
If the battery does not lock into place when you insert it into the battery compartment, please check if both the push-up-pins at the bottom of the battery compartment are fully extended. Should one or both of the push-up pins not be fully extended, press down on the pin until it pops back up. Then re-insert the battery.
More questions and answers can be found on the PrioVino corporate website.