PrioVino Classic black with wine bottle
PrioVino Classic black
Ventilation of the PrioVino Classic black
Ventilation slots of the PrioVino Classic black
PrioVino Classic black with stand
PrioVino Classic red with wine bottle
PrioVino Classic red
Ventilation of the PrioVino Classic red
Ventilation slots on the PrioVino Classic red
PrioVino Classic red with stand

PrioVino Classic

The perfect fine wine experience for your home 

Enjoy your favourite wines with optimal flavour and aroma thanks to perfect temperature control.

Price: 390,00 €
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Your personal sommelier at home

Get the perfect companion for your wine at home with the PrioVino Classic! Enjoy your favourite wine, tempered to perfection. Whether in the dining room, salon or on the terrace.

With its finely structured surface made of robust material and the timelessly elegant shape, the Classic blends naturally into any ambience and still remains an eye-catcher. This makes the Classic the perfect companion for unforgettable moments of taste. Relax with your guests - without the hassle of refilling ice and dripping bottles as with conventional wine coolers.

Control panel of the PrioVino Classic
Flexibility of use

The Classic is available in two versions: with mains operation or with a permanently installed lithium-ion battery with a running time of up to six hours. This means it can be used flexibly and independently.

Temperature setting for the PrioVino Classic
Precise temperature settings

Just switch on the Classic, set the desired temperature to the exact degree, and place the pre-cooled bottle into the bottle chamber. The Classic frees you from the hassle of ice refills and dripping bottles and keeps your wine at the perfect ptemperature.

Ventilation slots of the PrioVino Classic
Robust material

The use of high-quality plastic ensures a particularly light-weight but stable body. Its elegant lines make the Classic eye-catching without being intrusive.

Product details

The PrioVino Classic

Height without stand 28cm x
Height with stand 89cm x
Diameter 25cm x
Diameter of bottle chamber 9.4cm x
Finish modern, fine-grained
matte finish
Battery runtime 2.5 – 6 hours x
LED low battery alert at 15% battery power remaining x
Battery charging time 2 – 3 hours x
Temperature range 5 – 20°C x
Weight with power cord | battery 2.2kg | 2.9kg x